Serial LED Outputs

Like the previous interface version, SimVimCockpit supports serial output to LEDs using the serial-to-parallel registers with latch. This allow you to connect as many annunciators as you need using a few Arduino pins.

In SimVimCockpit you can still use the 74HC595 registers connected in chain, as described here, to make all annunciators for your panel. But we highly recommend another option for this. For serial LED output (or digital outputs) in SimVimCockpit now you can use DM13A or any other 16-output drivers - here is an example of this driver on Ebay.

This is a register with a latch for 16 constant current LED outputs. The "constant current output" means that you don't need to care about each LED current, for all 16 outputs this current is set by a single resistor at a separate input and each single output can sink 3 ... 60 mA, so that individual resistors on each LED are not necessary (as was it needed in case of 74HC595 registers).

You can use any of these analogs ( DM13A is the cheapest):
  • STAP16DPPS05 (up to40 mA for output)
  • SM16126D (up to45 mA)
  • DM13A (up to 60 mA)
  • DM134 (up to 90 mA) ( DM135 - 60 mA, DM136 - 15mA)
  • ST2221C (up to 90 mA)
  • A6276 (up to 90 mA)
  • TB62726 (ANG / AFG)  (up to 90 mA)
  • STP16CPC26  (up to 90 mA)
  • STP16CPS05  (up to 100 mA)
  • STP16C596  (up to120 mA)

All these ICs are similar in functionality and pin mapping, so you can use any of them that is easier to get for you. Also there is M66310 driver (or M66311), but it have another pin layout and current up to 25 mA.
The only ICs in DIP casing is DM13A, DM134, ST2221C, all others ICs are in SOP24 casing. But using them is not so difficult if you buy several cheap SOP28 adapters (about $1 for 10 boards):

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