ArdSimX project was started in 2017 as further development of all our previous Input/Output systems (XPData, ARDref, ARdSim) for home cockpit simulators. Using ArdSimX you can easily create all input controls for your cockpit and display all data, such as gauges and annunciators, without applying any programming and electronics skills.


This is the current project. It support direct inputs and "key-matrix" input extension, configuration of several Arduino boards (if a single one is not enough).

- The core part of this project is ArdSimX Plugin that need to be placed in X-Plane's "plugins" folder.
- The second essential part of software is ArdSimX firmware for Arduino.

All you need to start is just upload firmware to your Arduino and configure some input/output pins, which can be done in just a few minutes.
All technical information about ArdSimX control interface is located on SimVim website


The next interface generation ( ArdSimX2 is the working title, the final name is "SimVimCockpit") is under development now. Here are its main features and differences from v1.x:

1. The core of this new interface is one Arduino Mega 2560. No additional boards are needed.
2. Each of the 70 pins can be expanded for use as input for 16 switches (buttons, rotary switches, encoders).
3. SimVimControl also will have the "Lite version" for small Arduino boards.

No more "matrix" extension for switches and encoders - now only 16-channel multiplexers CD74HC4067 are used, that can be found online for less than $1, here are some links as example: - Ebay search - - AliExpress 1 - - AliExpress2

3. Up to 16 7-segment displays can be connected (maybe more), using just one Arduino pin with CD74HC4067 multiplexer. No additional libraries used. Now you may use any display type (MAX7219, 595-register, etc), just connect ANY that you have or may purchase and assign its function.
4. Up to 16 stepper gauges can be used (also only one Arduino pin with CD74HC4067 multiplexer). No additional libraries used.
5. Several LCD displays directly configurable (will be supported a bit later).
6. Two analog pin (A0,A1) can be extended to connect up to 32 analog axes.
Other features: conditional data output configuration, adding direct support for linear LED displays, etc...

With one Mega board it will be possible to build all input controls (up to 600+ inputs total) and all outputs (indicators, 7-seg displays, gauges for the whole cockpit.

Here you can see testing outputs on 7-segment displays on MAX7219 and 595 registers(registers not connected on video) with multiplexer:


SimVimCockpit have different configuration method and data exchange protocol, more simple configurator and it will allow you to have special reference file with custom datarefs, laying in the airplane folder of each specific plane. I.e., you can make one configuration and it will work with ALL airplanes that have their own custom datarefs.

SimVim Instrument panels

ArdSimX (SimVimCockpit) plugin is also a core part of our SimVim instruments - an easy-to-use program providing a set of realistic, fully-functional aircraft instruments to be displayed on a computer that is connected by network to the main computer with X-Plane and ArdSimX plugin.
If you're looking for info on previous interfaces, check here and contact us if you are currently using it and need support.