Nov 1, 2018

SimVimCockpit version 0.9.27

- Servo support. Servos are connected to a separate servo controller board, similar to steppers. Upload firmware from the menu. Also, update your stepper board firmware if you've already used it.
- Options for different encoder types have been introduced. The "pair of increment buttons" is now configured as a type of encoder. Note that there is currently no functional difference between types 1-3. Full support will be included in a later firmware version.
- I/O conditions can now check pin (switch) state without the need to assign anything to it (pin will work as Mode_Switch). 

- If you  use only direct inputs/outputs (and no serial LEDs, 7-segment or LCD displays, or multiplexers), you can now also use pins 22-29 for direct I/O (for small panels). Support for these assignments in the configurator will be added soon.
- Mode_Switch now uses "0/1" states instead of "1/2". - Mode_Group can now work as a group of momentary buttons, not just as rotary switch. - Fixed an encoder bug with trim parameters.
- For custom aircrafts: Use the "Inputs Test" window to see the parameters you activate in your cockpit and mark them as "not working" for use in the upcoming custom parameter replacement configurator.
- Flag "x" for needle gauges (steppers, PWM, servo) - when gauge is disabled using conditions (for example, power off), return it to zero position instead of leaving the needle where it is.
- Fixed a USB communication bug for some pin assignments and some data values in Linux/Mac versions (related only to pins 17, 19).
- Fixed "Control Wheel Steering" button function (AP_CWS).
- Added full support for custom electric panel parameters for Zibo B738.
- Improved firmware performance and reliability.
Note: If you were already using the stepper board extension, make sure to update its firmware using the "Firmware Upload" menu. If you will use steppers and servos together both slave boards should be connected in chain (MbTx -> S1 Rx , S1 Tx -> S2 Rx , S2 Tx -> MbRx). The order in which the slave boards are connected does not matter.


  1. Hi Vlad,

    I've built myself a 7 segment module with 2 separate 7219's with 5 digits connected to each of them, i mean there are 2 modules fit in a single on. But i can't get any display from the second digit module. Is it possible to that without any mux ?

    Besides, do your software allow us to daisy chain 7219 modules among them ?

  2. HI Vlad, Ican not change the bright of the displays in max7219. Direct connection or MUX.
    Could you help me. Thanks!