Oct 30, 2018

Stepper and Servo slave boards used together

Final tests with new servo control firmware (uploaded to additional Nano board).
Here (on our YouTube) you can see the video with the latest updates test. The master SimVim board is used with LAN connection.

- Two slave controllers are used simultaneously (connected in chain) - with SimVimServo (Nano) and SimVimStepper (Uno used) firware.
- The servo and first stepper are assigned to the same parameter (RPM 1).
- Second stepper - VSI gauge - with zero-position sensor (in the middle position, 0)
- Oscilloscope shows the pulse length for servo.
- In total you can use 18 servo and 10-19 steppers (number depends on the sensor use)

Link to the test video:

Both slave boards sreused together, connected in chain via serial 2-wire interface:
Master Tx -> Slave1 Rx -> Slave1 Tx -> Slave2 Rx -> Slave2 Tx -> Master Rx

Read more about stepper and servo connection  here -