Aug 11, 2018

LCD 40x2 with SimVimCockpit

Today the 40x2 LCD4002 display has arrived ($10 and 10 days after the order).
Just has been connected and all configured data appeared in their place (10 minutes of work):

D35            Com1_Active        o=0,0
D35            Com1_Stby        o=0,16
D35            Bus_1_Volts        o=1,22    t="@V - Bus1"

For this moment these 3 display types -16x2, 16x4, and 40x2 - have been tested and are working just fine, all needed parameters and text are easily assigned in the configurator, including conditional output. I believe, the 20x2, 20x4 also will work (I don't have these LCDs yet to test them). 

We need to prepare remaining configuration guides and take some  instructional videos. Please wait a few more days for it. The new SimVimCockpit v0.9.17 is planned to be uploaded tomorrow on Patreon.

1 comment:

  1. I'm waiting for a 160x32 LCD, hope to make a Bendix KAP140 replica.
    Is your LCD coming with I2C protocol?