Jun 17, 2018

SimVimPanel update coming soon

As a result of the ongoing development of SimVimCockpit Interface, a new version of SimVimPanel software is coming soon.

SimVimPanel is long overdue for an update of communication protocol, which hasn't changed since the beginning of its development (which started at the same time as the development of ARDref plugin, even before the Arduino library). Since then, while communication with Arduino was made more efficient, every plugin version had backward compatibility with the old communication and configuration protocol for SimVimPanel.

Now, with all the changes made in SimVimCockpit it becomes too inconvenient to keep this compatibility with the old code around, and so SimVimPanel will undergo a change to its communication protocol. SimVimPanel core program, ArdSimX and SimVimCockpit plugins will all receive an update. Previous versions of SimVimPanel will be incompatible with the new plugins, so an update will be required.

The new version will be compatible with both ArdSimX and SimVimCockpit, including the latter's support for custom dataref replacement for specific aircraft. The more efficient communication may result in a slight performance boost on some systems, such as Raspberry Pi.

1 comment:

  1. Do you plan to include other Laminar planes like Boeing or some other airliner?