Jun 6, 2018

ArdSimX v1.32

ArdSimX has been updated to v 1.32 with the ability to keep custom configuration files inside aircraft folders.  Just place a  data.cfg file inside an aircraft's folder.

Now you can have separate data config files for each plane you fly.
If the plugin don't find data file in the plane folder it loads the data file located  in the plugin folder.

NOTE: Press "Reconnect" after loading new aircraft if it has custom configuration file to use it.



  1. Hi everybody,
    first of all thank you for this new grat release. I have a simple question, in the previous version there was a little usefull funcion that gave us the ref number of a simple button for example when i pressed it (the last command). now is missing, I think is a usefull function for configuration specially when I have a lot of buttons in a matrix connection.
    It could be possible in another way or not?
    thank a lot

  2. HI Everyone!:

    I have to report a little big problem since 1.26+ and later versions. I´m using 2 ardsim boards due to quantity of switches and encoders. But for any reason, I have to disconnect from USB cable #2 board because if I do a reconnect from plugin, it only detects #1 or nothing. Arduino boards are correctly installed and remains connected and detected by device manager (so it is not a problem with cable or Phisical connection).
    I´ve tried to update .132 but my data.cfg is not detected, so I have to return 1.26 version.
    When it appears to work fine, sometimes board #1 resets or plugin reconects and resets only #1 board.
    I´ve tried to modify plugin config file but FIX_USB = 0 doesnt works. I´ve change for another computer, but it is worst: no detects #1 and #2 boards simultaneously. Please help me: it´s driving me crazy. Thanks a lot for your time as always.

  3. Hi Room, Neewbie here. I feel so confused. Are there any steps on how to get a Taxi_Light to turn on with a toggle switch? I have select the configurator and chose # 4. I do not understand how to load this function. Can anyone please help?

  4. Hello,
    unfortunately I'm not able to download the firmware 1.32 from your website. It seems the file is not available anymore. Is this intended?