Jun 22, 2018

SimVimCockpit long cable connection test

Today we did a test of SimVimCockpit multiplexer connection with a long cable, to show that even at long distances and without shielding such system is safe from interference.

The cables used are two  simple flat cables,with  6 and 4 wires, with no shielding. The cables are 3m length, which is much more than you would likely have in any cockpit.

The test showed both inputs and outputs (7-segment display) work without issues.

This setup is working since the  SimVimCockpit firmware version 0.9.15

Jun 17, 2018

SimVimPanel update coming soon

As a result of the ongoing development of SimVimCockpit Interface, a new version of SimVimPanel software is coming soon.

SimVimPanel is long overdue for an update of communication protocol, which hasn't changed since the beginning of its development (which started at the same time as the development of ARDref plugin, even before the Arduino library). Since then, while communication with Arduino was made more efficient, every plugin version had backward compatibility with the old communication and configuration protocol for SimVimPanel.

Jun 6, 2018

ArdSimX v1.32

ArdSimX has been updated to v 1.32 with the ability to keep custom configuration files inside aircraft folders.  Just place a  data.cfg file inside an aircraft's folder.

Now you can have separate data config files for each plane you fly.
If the plugin don't find data file in the plane folder it loads the data file located  in the plugin folder.

NOTE: Press "Reconnect" after loading new aircraft if it has custom configuration file to use it.