May 12, 2018

Project news, May 2018

ArdSimX news:

New ArdSimX v1.30 has been uploaded, with some improvements in data exchange and minor bug fixes. 

Finally, support for different types of rotary encoders has been implemented. Now you can point out specific detent types for each single encoder you have, adding one optional line in the configuration file.

Acceleration sensitivity for every single encoder can also be set - from strictly single-step mode to maximum acceleration.

All incorrect encoder processing events have been fixed (fine-step movement failure during slow rotation).

Now, an encoder always correctly sends one increment command when rotated to the next detent position step by step, independently from acceleration curve and detents phase.

You can read how to set the type of encoder and its acceleration factor on the encoder configuration page -

Note: the format of ArdSimX base sketch has been changed! "BoardNumber" is no longer used, and instead of "ArdSimScan" the ArdSimX(#) function is used in the loop, where # is the board number. Please correct your working sketch! 

The changes for the new ArdSimX version are also being merged into SimVimCockpit Interface, the active development of which continues. Most of the advertised features have already been implemented and tested since the start of early access, and it is getting closer to a state when SimVimCockpit is ready for public release.