May 18, 2018

ArdSimX updated - v1.31

ArdSimX has received another update.
The update mostly focuses on fixing the issue with Reconnect when using Ethernet communication.

The previously introduced encoder type configuration has been expanded to allow the use of 2 buttons in place of an encoder, while still having encoder config lines. This, for example, allows to use encoder modes with buttons.

The changes are also being included into SimVimCockpit.


  1. Hello, since 1.30+ encoders works counterclockwise.
    In addiction, if I try to change some value from the encoder, the first value change to the top or bottom value, then I have to rotate the encoder to come back to the previous value.

    I've not changed anything in my cfg file, neither in the Arduino sketch.

    I'm missing some new feature that have to be programmed or changed?

    1. Yes, you need to read about the encoders configuration, types and acceleration in the ArdSimX section:

      Just swap your encoder legs to change direction.


    2. Thank you! I misread the S option for the encoder has been removed.