Apr 23, 2018

News, changes, SimVimCockpit status

Some links on our SimVim website have been revised and changed.

Please note, it seems that before April 20 some links located on ArdSimX download page could have been referring to the wrong files (either older version, or bugged test versions). Also, all "download" links for SimVim Panels have been changed.

SimVimCockpit status

SimVimCockpit testing continues (it's still in "closed" Beta testing for a while), and most of the relevant content on SimVim website pages is published. Still need to add more video instructions.
Current status can be tracked on this page.



  1. Lots of green on the status page, looking forward to seeing SimVimCockpit!

  2. I was an early adopter using Ardref on an Arduino 256. That was some years ago. My sim is a Beech 1900D using 15 Teensy 3.2 modules.

    I wanted to add a 16th module but have bumped up against a USB system limit so... here I am looking at some incredible work from you!

    Looking forward to reworking my sim architecture using ArdSimX! Well-done!

    Look for a donation soon. :-)

    1. Hi Ray,

      Do you still using ARDref? Or, you just tried it?

      As for ArdSimX, I think you better should consider the SimVimCockpit as main interface for next years, we are totally focused on it. ArdSimX will be supported only, not updated.