Dec 12, 2017

Update for ArdSimX.1

While the work on SimVimCockpit (ArdSimX.2) is in progress, we do not forget about the support of ArdSimX 1.x. Recently we've been making some improvements in the current interface and ArdSimX 1.16 .. 1.18 has been uploaded to SimVim website.

The whole firmware code was revised for this version. Now the interface has improved encoder processing similar to what we've implemented in SimVimCockpit, as well as improved initial processing of input data in the plugin and several bug fixes.

Keep in mind that encoder rotation acceleration will feel different with the new version than it was before. If you previously used the multi-step option in the [A] section of your config file, you might want to tweak or remove it.

Continue to follow our blog for news about the development of SimVimCockpit - we will soon introduce some new features.

Update: Last date the plugin and library have been updated is 30 December 2017 (plugin v.1.19, library v.1.19).

Make sure to use both latest versions of the plugin and the Arduino library, as they are incompatible with the previous versions. You don't need to change your data.cfg files. New version has only a slightly different protocol, improved input scanning functions, and new encoder processing.

The version of Arduino IDE that you use for the library compilation should be higher than 1.6.6 !

If you have some troubles, have noticed some bugs, please contact us by email (on the "About" page)