Nov 7, 2017

SimVimCockpit Development status

Lately, people have been asking us about the release date of SimVimCockpit

It's still hard to name the exact date of SimVimCockpit launch. We are dedicating all available time to it. Many features of the interface are already working and debugged, but there are still some things that need to be refined.

We could release the interface as it currently is, but the new configurator is what still prevents this. We need to finish this configurator (it will be simpler and easier to use that in ArdSimX). Although SimVimCockpit can be manually configured, we'd still need to explain all the options, as the config file format has changed significantly. We would also like to make a parameter database first, which will remove the need to write redundant options in the config file that are never changed from the default.

We have many plans, and we wish to post more frequently, with more videos, tutorials, etc...
Hope we will get more time for this soon, when SimVimCockpit is released..

Project status information

All plans concerning SimVimCockpit (working title ArdSimX.2) and the development status of all its features will now be displayed in the "Development Status"section.

Please email us if you need more specific info.



  1. Thanks for the update!
    I am holding my project until the new ASX2 comes...
    Thank you for this fantastic tool!

  2. Thank you for the update. No worries, take your time.

  3. Give a link to the forum, I can not find (

    1. Use "Support" in the menu above or email (on the "About" page)

  4. Always thanks for your great work, I look forward to trying ASX2.

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  6. Good day to the development team.
    Just a question regarding the Arduino boards.
    One of the choices on the configuration page is the Mega 1280/2560 option.
    Will it work if i use the Arduino Due... the pin layout is the same as the Mega.
    As far as i know it is the same, just with a faster processing chip.

    1. There's no real need to use such fast board as Due. The project was initially aimed for the most widely-used and cheap boards. We didn't make version for Due.

      Besides, the "standard" 16MHz Arduino have more than enough performance to run the whole cockpit without any trouble.

      Actually ArdSimX firmware can send (receive) data to the plugin about 500-800 times per second, but plugin can send data only with X-Plane frame rate.

      As for Due, it can be used later for another purpose - for example develop some instruments on LCD output.