Oct 16, 2017

Updated 7-Segment displays support in SimVimCockpit

As it was announced before, the TM1637 display controller support has been successfully added. I've finished and debugged the code to output data for this display type through the same multiplexer.

The only difference from all other display types is that the Data signal for TM1637 is not the same common "D"  output, but it is controlled  using one additional Arduino pin (that will be  fixed  as "D" output for TM1637).

Also, additional important updates have been done (see below)...

Additional updates

1. We have added support of offset to the 7-segment display configuration. Besides the number of digits and dot position, now you can assign offset for any displayed data on every specific display:

2. Any display can now be easily configured to output of more than one data value, you can have 2 or 3 independent data on one  8-digit  display. In the picture above you can see Bus Voltage + Bus Load on one TM1637 display  and DME distance+ DME time on the MAX7219 display)

Quick video (sorry for quality, too dark):

To be continued...


  1. Looking good as usual. Once again, keep up the great work!

    Where did you find the 6 digit TM1637 module?

    1. Look at AliExpress for "TM1637 RobotDyn" (I have added a link in the post above - see first line with "TM1637 Display").
      Also, you can find many 6-digits display modules with the buttons on the same board (like this - ), it can be used too.

  2. super work congratulations on behalf of the group, a question can be read two dataref with a single step by step motor x27-168
    with a switchable swich, example: fuel QTY MAIN / AUX or L GEN / R GEN; thank you.

    1. Yes, all this will be easy to configure (e.g. when you press button "Main/Aux" for fuel indicator, it will show auxiliary quantity). Any output can be configured with conditional behaviour.

  3. Hi, i am connecting my 7 segment max7219 to my arduino but i am not getting any info on the display. It is powered and the 3 pins are well selected. D+L and Controller pin. Shoud i add any code or something? The configuration (data.cfg) it's already in the ArdSim Xplane 11 folder. Any help please! Thanks.

  4. Hi Vlad,

    I've built myself a 7 segment module with 2 separate 7219's with 5 digits connected to each of them, i mean there are 2 modules fit in a single on. But i can't get any display from the second digit module. Is it possible to that without any mux ?

    Besides, do your software allow us to daisy chain 7219 modules among them ?