Oct 20, 2017

Arduino and Peripherals Powering

Sometimes, people who just started to work with Arduino have trouble making their ArdSimX/SimVimCockpit setup work. The cause of these problems often turns out to be improper powering of Arduino and its connected devices. Sometimes, the devices powered from Arduino drain too much power for it to handle, sometimes incorrect Arduino pins are used for powering. At best, some output devices don't work until the problem is fixed. Worst case - Arduino may be permanently damaged.

This combined diagram was designed to provide you a convenient reference for the proper powering practices for your ArdSimX/SimVimCockpit setup:


  1. Thanks. every day a bit closer. keeping us on a much longer. :(
    Thanks for all the hard work
    Peter and Adrienne

  2. Thanks a lot for this diagram. Now I see wich misstakes I did in the past :D.

    Regards from Berlin

  3. Hello!

    Can I ask what the status is on those massive expansion boards you can hook up to one input on the Arduino? I remember you having a post about it somewhere, but I can't find it :)

  4. Hi , how many leds can I connect please?

    1. As many as you need.

    2. great ! I've just received 10 multiplexers for this project!