Oct 3, 2017

SimVimCockpit Test - PWM control, Serial LEDs, MAX7219

In this test system one 1x16 multiplexer controls 7-segment displays (MAX7219), Serial LED output (DM13A drivers) and PWM outputs (TLC5947 controller, 24 channels, 12-bit output).

All these output devices are controlled through one multiplexer board (8 Arduino pins are reserved for this):

  1. Two MAX2719 displays are used - output of active Com1 frequency on 5-digit display, standby Com1 frequency on 6-digit display. Totally up to 16 different displays can be connecte, based either on MAX7219 chip or on shift registers, in any order with any digits number.  

  2. One 16-channel DM13A LED driver is used, this one register controls 16 LEDs. The next 16 LEDs can be used with another driver connected to the first one in series and so on.  Up to 16 total registers can be used (or up to 256 LEDs or digital outputs).

  3. One PWM controller TLC5947.  This board has 24 channels, each channel can be used for:
    • output for moving-coil gauge
    • control brightness of a single LED
    • control brightness of powerful LED/lamp groups using the appropriate driver
    • control input for other ICs such as registers with LED chain or 7-segment displays (e.g. brightness)
    • control any other PWM-controlled devices such as DC motors speed drivers, etc.

More informative videos and descriptions will be made soon (How to use DM13A LED driver and TLC5947 PWM driver).


  1. Когда планируется выход 2 версии программы?
    When do you plan to exit version 2 of the program?

    1. There are no exact plans for the release date of the program. Though we have working beta version now (with most of announced functions), but we need to finish new configuration tool with new parameters database becase its configuration differs from previous release. We do our best...

  2. Wonderful, guys. Congrats, Leo

  3. Fantastic addition to ArdSimX - I have been looking forward to using MAX7219 LED modules for my project panel. Awesome work!

  4. How can I run the 7-segment displays (MAX7219) with the latest Plugin? and How to connect D L and Signal with DIN CS and CLK

  5. Vlad, really looking forward to the max7219 built in function. Will it work with the anode LED's also connected in this way -> I have a bunch of the 5 digit 7 segment anode led's.

  6. Hello, I am trying to connect to mega2560 3x 5 digits of 7 segments (max7219), connect them in series because, before I used it for FSX, but now I try to use them in X-Plane 11 :), the problem is that I do not know how to connect it , somebody could help me? the surgeon is connected according to the image of the following link
    I would use it to show the following: | xxx.xx_xx | x.xx__xxx. | xx_xxx.xx | com1act_com1 stb | nav1 act_nav1 stb. so that it is understood.

  7. Is it possible to daisy chain MAX7219 modules consecutively just like in MobiFlight by using only single input pin for XP ? If so, how do i have to set them ?