Aug 24, 2017

ArdSimX Plugin v1.13

ArdSimX plugin has been updated with a few notable improvements today.

First, it now has improved recognition of dataref types, which fixes a problem with some of the custom datarefs not being processed properly. This was the case with some of the new "laminar" datarefs from X-Plane 11. They should now work with the new version.

Next, a new feature was added that allows to use any input to act as a selector between several parameters for a single output ID. This is not yet supported by the configurator, and is mostly aimed to be used with ArdSimX v2. You can still add this manually to the configurator like this:

Aug 20, 2017

Plugin updated

ArdSimX Plugin has been updated to version 1.12. This update fixes a bug with programmed inputs that was introduced by the previous version.

The work on ArdSimX v2 continues. Along with it, we're considering features that can also be included in the current plugin version line. We're now testing a feature that allows to configure an input (such as a button) to switch between different parameters for a particular output ID. This way, for example, you'll be able to switch between several parameters on an LCD without having to program this change.

We've also added a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website, to address common questions regarding the use of ArdSimX.

Aug 10, 2017

Project status: August 2017

A quick update on the current status of our projects.

ArdSimX plugin has received a minor update for Linux and Mac versions, which fixes a potential problem that could happen when connecting 2 or more Arduinos via USB (most likely to happen on Mac).

SimVim Panel version for Raspberry Pi currently doesn't properly support mouse input, due to a bug in one of the libraries used for development. This will likely be fixed in the future. However, our primary goal with Raspberry Pi is to introduce GPIO support for SimVim panels, so you could use them with real encoders without the need for configuration (it would be just an option, in case you want to connect the inputs for these gauges to the same Raspberry that displays the panel, instead of using Arduino).
In addition to that, a couple of new panel modules are in development, for Diamond DA20 and Cessna 172.

The work on ArdSimX v2.0 also continues. We're currently working on Output extensions, in addition to the Input extensions announced earlier. The current goal is to allow just one Arduino Mega to be used for the whole cockpit of any complexity, with extension modules that will be cheaper than using additional Arduinos.