Jun 29, 2017

New ArdSimX connection concept

We're currently working on a new Arduino connection method for ArdSimX, reminiscent of the one used in the later version of the old ARDref Interface, in addition to new pin   expansions.

Here are the main goals of of this new development:

-  use only one master Arduino board, utilizing easy and cheap (<1$) I/O expansion breakout boards.

Jun 17, 2017

Work in progress

The past month has been slow on new updates, as we're now working on several things at once.

ArdSimX online configurator has been through some bug fixes, and is gradually being improved. We plan to make some changes to the way various types of toggle switches are assigned, to make the system more comprehensible. We will also be adding various features that have been supported in the plugin for some time, but haven't been added to the configurator yet.

We're also working on a new website design and structure to make all the info easier to find and understand.

The new plugin versions have been in development for some time now, along with various library improvements. Native support for MAX7219 7-segment displays will be included in the new version. A number of other new features may be added, such as non-linear analog input and some new custom datarefs.

A recurring problem with ArdSimX have been bugs that some people encounter with USB communication on different systems, and with the current plugin version we've tried fixing some of the problems in Windows and Mac versions. Such problems have been hard to recreate, but we've finally been able to catch some USB-related bugs on Linux ourselves, so hopefully the next plugin version will include more improvements for USB connection.