May 12, 2017

ArdSimX Plugin v1.10

A new version of the plugin is now available. It includes a couple of minor fixes and an experimental feature allowing to make sending commands with encoder either more rare or more frequent. This feature is not yet included in the configurator.


Next we're planning to include more custom "blinking" datarefs for autopilot, add NAVAIDs support in the library and test the possibility of including native support for LCDs without the need for Programmed Outputs.

May 5, 2017

ArdSimX Plugin v1.9

Closely following the update to the Configurator, a new version of ArdSimX Plugin has been released.

See the changelog for the new version here.

Note that NAVAIDs output will not work until a new version of the Library is released.

May 4, 2017

ArdSimX Configurator updated

ArdSimX online Configurator has received a major update to its parameter list today.

The list now includes all of the standard Datarefs/Commands commonly needed for cockpit building, sorted into comprehensive categories and filtered by the selected input/output type. Many of the standard datarefs also come with automatically filled default values or ranges, so most of the time it's not needed to fill them in.

Some other changes include improvements to Programmed I/O config, the "Toggle button" input being moved into the "T-Switch" type for convenience, and the support for 3-position switches (which automates the process of adding 2 separate switches for such purpose).

Along with the configurator update, a new version of ArdSimX Plugin is currently in development. Major changes will include support for byte array-type output for NAVAIDs and the inclusion of more custom ArdSimX datarefs/commands that will make configuration easier for some of the common cockpit functions that otherwise would require Arduino programming if used with standard available datarefs/commands.