Jun 22, 2018

SimVimCockpit long cable connection test

Today we did a test of SimVimCockpit multiplexer connection with a long cable, to show that even at long distances and without shielding such system is safe from interference.

The cables used are two  simple flat cables,with  6 and 4 wires, with no shielding. The cables are 3m length, which is much more than you would likely have in any cockpit.

The test showed both inputs and outputs (7-segment display) work without issues.

This setup is working since the  SimVimCockpit firmware version 0.9.15
The bus  contains:  4x address + SIG + D + L + T. The signal EN (as the 5th address line) is  separate for every output MUX and each one is using one controller pin..


  1. "...will be released soon...." Yeaha!
    I'm just waiting for this realase to start building my cockpit....

  2. A new realease, with with GPS ?? :-)
    I have received 90 % of eletronic composants .. i hope begin my ne58 as soon ;-)

  3. hey how can i get the beta? it says to email you but there s no email :) thankyou

    1. Hi, it is already close to public release.

  4. Go to Patreon, there you have access to the closed beta....